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Walnut for export worldwide


Nut inshell

calibers 28+, 30+, 32+. (caliber 28+ is always available, the rest, if possible, mainly in the first half of the season)

Light half - LH

Half kernels of light or light wheat color

Light quarter - LQ

A quarter of the kernel of the nut or light wheat color

"Light pieces - LP

Pieces of a kernel of a nut (vosmushki) of 7-12 mm in size of light or light-wheat color

Amber mix - amber

A mixture of walnut kernels of different fractions (halves, quarters and eights in approximately equal proportions) of light amber and amber color

Nut kernel for making nut oil

Kernel nuts of different types and colors. It happens the first category (acidity up to 1%) and the second category (acidity up to 2.4%)

Ground Walnut

Fraction from 1 mm. Dry. Packed in 500 g per bag. Used for making sauce and pastry. Specify the price at the time of the order.



Inshell Walnut: 25 kg white polypropylene bags Nut kernel: vacuum package of 5 kg, two such packages in one cardboard box of five / seven-ply cardboard of 10 kg each.

Manufacturing options

With a maximum load of 40 tons of core per week.


Minimum delivery 20 tons. Delivery is made by truck or 40ft container.

Export geography:

Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia.


When delivered issued: - certificate of origin; - phytosanitary certificate; - certificate of quality; - certificate of laboratory research.


Equipment for splitting nut. Unique equipment using patented shell cutting technology Equipment for calibration of the inshell nut, cleaning and sorting of the nut core. TAIHO photoseparator, tables for manual bulkheading and sorting of walnut, vibrating table for mechanical sorting and aspiration of the kernel of the nut, nut calibrator in the shell by fractions.

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The payment :50%prepayment, the remaining 50 % when providing documents from customs to the bayer, in Ukraine.
Only annual contracts.



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